How the Fascianator Works

Please watch this video on how the Fascianator works. Anthony gives simple workout techniques on it’s uses. 

Fascianator goes to Japan

Fascianator goes to Japan to the city of Osaka. Anthony does a quick workout with a martial arts instructor on the Fascianator. 

Breast Cancer resolved with the Fasciantor

This video is about a testimonial on how the Fascianator helped with her breast cancer. 

World Class Runner uses the Fascianator

A video testimonial on how a world class runner uses the Fascianator for his training. 

George completes his 1st Half Marathon

George attributes his success in running his 1st Half Marathon due to the Fascianator. 

Anthony Explains what the Fasciantor is

The Fascianator is not a foam roller. Its a workout regiment helps to heal the Fascia and to promote a natural way of healing your body. 

An Inspiring testimonial by Tom

Please watch Tom explain how the Fascianator has helped him. In Tom’s words, “I’ve been waiting for this for 30 plus years!”

How the Fascianator has helped someone with Parkinson's

A testimonial on how the Fasciantor has helped someone with Parkinson’s disease.

The Fascianator with Fascial Net

Please watch Tom explain how the Fascianator has helped him.